Summary of game 'top95' through F1908R.

  Austria:      Jake Orion                           jorion at domain
  England:      Simon Szykman                        szykman at domain
  France:       Rich Amada                           amada at domain
  Germany:      Andy Schwarz                         andyhre at domain
  Italy:        John Rhodes                          jrhodes at domain
  Russia:       Jonathan Tan                         jontan at domain MIT.EDU
  Turkey:       Joe Dzikiewicz                       dzik at domain

  Variant: Standard
  Press: WGPF.
  Judge: CAMA.
  Start Date: 9602.
  End Date: 9605.
  Game Codes: E

Game Started: Tue Feb 13 15:22:34 1996
Draw declared: Tue May 13 15:22:34 1996

The game was declared a draw between Germany, Austria and England.