Summary of game 'buelsgor' through F1429M.

  Master:        Doug Massey     masseyd at domain
  Burgundy:      Ken Lofgren     klofgren at domain
  England:       Ronald Lokers   elloco at domain
  France:        Douglas Jansen  djanse at domain

Game parameters are/were as follows:
  Move    clock 1410 min 12.00 next  48.00 grace  48.00 delay 0.50 days -mtwtf-
  Retreat clock   -1 min  0.00 next  24.00 grace  48.00 delay 0.50 days -mtwtf-
  Adjust  clock   -1 min  0.00 next  24.00 grace  48.00 delay 0.50 days -mtwtf-
  Access:  Different-site, Level: Any, Moderated, Dedication: -10.
  Variant: H31, Gunboat.
  Flags:   NoNMR, NoList, NoProxy, DIAS.
  Press:   White, No observers (except to Master), Partial Allowed, No Fake.
  Winning Centers: 9.
  Index:   40
  Judge: USSF.

Game Started: Thu Mar 26 05:21:09 1998
Game won: Thu May 28 01:48:00 1998

The game was won by Burgundy.

Hello and welcome to 'buelsgor'.  This is a Vermont Group game, restricted
to members of the group who have in common their desire to play Diplomacy
without the interruption of abandonments and replacements.  Only Diplomacy
players in good standing on the Diplomacy Resignation Record are be
allowed into the Vermont Group and are thus eligible for this game.  For
more details, please visit the Record at:

'buelsgor' is short for Buel's Gore, Vermont.  I've just about run
out of names of town in the county I live in -- this one seems
appropriate for a small game like Hundred 3.1.  A "gore" is a tract
of land, usually quite small, that is left over when the adjacent
towns draw up their town lines and they don't all connect.  The land
is usually rocky and nearly impassable and nearly impossible to live
on.  Buel's Gore is about four square miles on the downslope of
Camel's Hump (a distinctive mountain in Chittenden County) and has
nothing but a portion of Rte 17 running through it.  Its population:
ZERO.  NO ONE lives in this town.  I find that thought comical.  I
also find it funny that of all the descriptions of towns that I've
put into the comments for the Vermont Group games, the one for Buel's
Gore is the longest.  :-)

Historical Supply Center Summary
    Sco Lon Brt Cal Hol Dij Orl Can Cas
Year  Dev Guy Nmd Fla Lux Par Dau Tou
1424 . E E E . E E B B B B F F F . F .
1425 . E E E E E B B B B B E F F B F .
1426 . E E E E E E B B B B E F B B F F
1427 E E E E E E B B B B B F E B B F F
1428 E E E F E E B E B B B B E B B E F
1429 E E B E E E B B B B B B E B B F F

History of Supply Center Counts
Power    1424 '25 '26 '27 '28 '29                   Player
Burgundy    4   6   6   7   7   9                   Ken Lofgren
England     5   6   7   7   8   6                   Ronald Lokers
France      4   3   3   3   2   2                   Douglas Jansen
Index:     19  27  31  35  39  40

Index is the sum of squares of the number of supply centers divided by the
number of players.  It is a measure of how far the game has progressed.