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This site is dedicated to help playing Diplomacy using judges (automated mail robots)

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Currently this is not live as there was some issues in the database during a migration. Will update shortly.

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The search functionality is also through and overhaul. We have added more pages to the database and have removed a lot of dead links. We have also added a section on all gaming accessories, including keyboards, whole systems, game controllers and the likes.

We will be doing side side comparisons of the best products and list our favorite.

JDPR Ratings and Resignation Record

Updated on January 30, 2004

The Help section also broke and I will be updating it soon.

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Some programs I wrote

Exarch is a dynamic web-based interface to browse mailing lists. Planning to shift it a different domain and make it into a stand alone app. A mobile app and a web app. Maybe a desktop app as well. Will overhaul the user interface as well to optimize for mobile since everyone is on mobile and about 80% of our visitors come via a mobile device. Who would have thought.

Given an english word, mwsay script retrieves a wav file from Merriaw-Webster Online and executes any wav player.


Makejail is an UNIX administration tool, it helps building chroot jails easily


xreplay simulates key and mouse events on X11.


webtrack monitors the changes on web pages and mails you the diff.

Access instructions for people having an account to work with mapit