Make Jail


The objective of makejail is to help an administrator creating and updating a chroot jail with short configuration files.

Makejails attempts to guess and install into the jail all files required by the daemon.

You have to understand how it works to configure it efficiently.

To have an idea of how the configuration files look like, have a look at these examples (shipped in the tarball): Apache, Bind, mysqld, ntpd, postgresql and sshd

To have an idea of the actions done, look at these log files: apache on OpenBSD 3.0, bind on GNU.Linux Debian woody.

Target audience

Makejail is intended to be used by system administrators. You must understand what a chroot jail is.

DocumentationYou’ll need it read it, I mean really : here.


You can download the most recent tarball with http or ftpIt’s available as a Debian package, you’re welcome to make rpm packages.


The external programs you’ll need to run makejail are python (at least 1.5.2), strace and stat.

I’ve tested it on GNU/Linux Debian woody and OpenBSD 3.0, it should work with a few modifications on standard unix systems. Tell me if you had some success or faced problems on another OS.


Change what you need to the Makefile, and run make install. This just moves the files to the usual directories, so you can as well run makejail without installing it.

Web interface to the CVS tree

It’s here (read-only)


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